Reduce Training Costs By 90%

Tutori’s Artificial Intelligence-Augmented Learning Management Systems reduce training cost by 90%. Guaranteed*.

In the past, planning, implementing and assessing specific learning processes was time consuming and extraordinarily expensive. The average training cost per employee in 2016 was $1,252, according to the Association for Talent Development’s Report. Organizations typically spend 4%-5% of payroll for training. In a middle market company, training cost may run into millions of dollars per year.

Cost of Trainee 2 to Trainee N: Pennies

With all the hype around Artificial Intelligence, the most fundamental economic benefit is often forgotten: Although initial development cost may be significant, the cost of delivery to Trainee Number 2 through The Last Trainee You Will Ever See … is pennies, where it comes to Special Purpose Operational (SPOT) Training. This is Tutori’s focus and core competency.

Corporation Tax Benefits

The IRS provides benefits exceeding $5,000 per employee for certain types of Human Capital investment including training systems, see report.

*Guarantee applies to organizations with $100 million payroll or more. In smaller groups, savings will be less. If our systems fail to reduce your training costs as claimed here, we will continue working at no additional cost until our mutually agreed cost target is achieved.